Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!


Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!


  • The operation is simple, beautiful and practical, and the structure is reasonable.
  • The capping speed is fast and easy to use.
  • Only need to adjust the spacing of the capping wheel according to the diameter of the bottle mouth, the height of the rack can be adapted to the bottles of various specifications within the applicable range, without the need to replace parts
    • Overview

    The upper cover of the drum type capping machine adopts the design of the stainless steel chain plate at the lower part of the unpowered roller capping machine, which is convenient to operate, simple to maintain and reliable in operation. It is suitable for capping large drums such as lubricating oil barrels and paint barrels. Its working principle is through stainless steel. The chain plate rotates, and the bottle body is put on the flat cap and then passed through the unpowered roller to achieve the purpose of capping. This machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, compact structure, fast capping speed, strong reliability, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on. , It is the ideal equipment for the automatic capping process in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, daily chemical and other industries. This machine adopts the integrated product of electricity and instrument, adopts full-roller conveying, double-cylinder cap, and uses cross force to press better It is more sealed and the height of the barrel can be adjusted. It is used in paint barrels, lubricants, glue barrels, fish barrels, paint barrels, skin care products, cleaning, detergent barrels, fresh juice barrels and other products


Technical Parameters

Voltage220V Single phase, 50hz
Air source requirements0.4 – 0.6 mpa
Applicable bottle height100 – 350 mm
Applicable bottle capFlat cover
Bottle diameterΦ 100 – 300 mm
Pass rate≥ 99%
Machine shellStainless steel 304

(including conveyor belt)

Weight60 kg
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