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Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!



Hot air circulating oven adopts high-temperature resistant circulating fan, and the forced hot air heated by electrical heated tube and vapor heat exchanger circulates in the oven to enhance transferring of heat, raise evaporation rate of water and shorten drying time. The whole oven adopts totally enclosed structure and the hot air circulates in the oven to regularly exhaust fixed amount of wet and hot air and replenish fixed amount of fresh air. The whole circulation system is totally enclosed to significantly improve the thermal efficiency of the oven.


  1. Controlling cabinet equipped with button(touch screen optional), easily operation and prolongs service life.
  2. Most hot air is circulated in the chamber which ensures high heating efficiency and saves energy.
  3. Forced ventilation used, adjustable air distributing board in the chamber makes evenly drying of materials.
  4. The machine is low noisy, smooth operated, temperature auto controlled and easy for maintenance.
  5. Widely applied. Suitable for versatile materials and is universal drying machine.
  6. Initial and medium effective filter can be added in the air inlet and outlet as requested by custermer.


  1. The temperatures to be used: steam heating 50-140°C, Max.150°C
  2. Electric infrared heating: 50-350℃
  3. Commonly used steam pressure 0.2-08Mpa(2-8kg/cm2)
  4. If the electrical heating and type one, the calculation is 15kw,and the practical use is 5-8kw/h.
  5. The special requirements should be indicated at the time of order.
  6. The use temperatures more than 140°Cand less than 60°C, should be inducted at the time of order.
  7. The ovens and baking plates made by our factory are uniform in the dimensions, and can be exchangeable. The baking plate dimensions: 460*640*45mm, heating method: steam, electricity, infrared.


This drying oven is suitable for the material and for solidification and drying de-watering in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, farming, aquatic product, light and heavy industry as well as other industries. Such as: raw material medicine, crude drug, prepared herbal medicine of CTM, plaster, powder, particle, drinking agent, pill, packing bottle, pigment, dyestuff, de-watering vegetable, dried fruit piece, sausage, plastics, resin, electric component, baking varnish and etc.



Steam Area(㎡)7.1
Drying Quantity each time ( group )  60Kgs
Heat powerkwHeater6-9Kw
Overall Size1050 x 1600 x 2100 ( L x W x H )
Weight420 Kgs
Blower Power1.1
Trolley1 unit (24 tray)
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