Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!


Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!


-High-precision, domestic original labeling technology, labeling accuracy of ± 0.2mm, to meet the needs of high-precision labeling;

-Precise, suitable for small label labeling, support labels with length and width as small as 5mm~8mm;

-Easy to operate, the actions of label peeling, label feeding, label suction, labeling and label covering are automatically completed, and the labeling process can be completed by manual loading and unloading;

-Safety, the transmission parts are wrapped, and the circuit and the gas circuit are arranged separately to avoid abnormality and safer use;

-High stability, using the electronic control system composed of PLC + subdivision stepper motor + optical fiber sensor, the equipment is stable and supports long-term work;

-Optional automatic scale turntable device can significantly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, and improve the efficiency of labeling;



Labeling accuracy± 0.2mm
Labeling speed10 to 30/min
Applicable Product SizeLength: 20mm-200mm
Width: 20mm-180mm
Height: 0.2mm-75mm
Applicable Label SizeLength: 10mm- 7mm
Width: 0.2-70mm
Machine size590 × 420 × 780mm (length × width × height)
Power supply220V 50 / 60HZ
Machine weight41Kg
Suitable label diameterInner: φ76mm
Outer: φ240mm
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