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Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!


This machine is a equipment for coating Chinese and Western tablet cores with sugar coating and film coating. It is a new type of equipment that integrates strong electricity, weak electricity, hydraulics, and pneumatics, and transforms the original ordinary sugar coating machine. It is mainly composed of a host (original sugar coating machine), a controllable normal temperature hot air system, and a spray system for automatic liquid and air supply. The main motor can be adjusted by frequency conversion. It is automatically controlled by electrical appliances to spray the coating auxiliary materials on the surface of the tablet with a high atomization spray gun. At the same time, the tablet makes continuous and complex trajectory movement in the coating pan to make the coating liquid evenly Wrapped on the core of the tablet, there is controlled room temperature hot air in the pot to dry the tablets simultaneously, so that the surface of the tablet can quickly form a firm, dense, complete and smooth surface film.

Model : CE-300/BYC
Production capacity : 1-3kg/time
Speed : 0-46r/min
Motor power : 120w
Fan power : 60w
Internal heating power : 0.9kw
External heating power : 0.5KW
Dimensions : 700×440×750mm
Weight : 60kg

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