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It is suitable for the real-time printing of product weighing. The database will send the corresponding content to the printer according to the information of product weighing, and print the label after receiving the execution instructions sent by the labeling system, the label head absorbs the printed label, the sensor detects the signal and performs the labeling action.

1. The equipment adopts the method of blowing and sticking, which can perfectly fit the label on the product to avoid crushing the product.

  1. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the belt conveyor is made of food-grade material.
  2. Electrical separation is adopted inside the electric box of the equipment to ensure that the internal environment is dry and moisture-proof.
  3. The equipment can be connected to other air conditioning equipment, packaging equipment, etc., such as pillow packaging machine.

5. The content of the application software of the device can be freely edited in templates, such as color-coded bars, inserted pictures, logos, texts, etc., and can also be directly imported into existing templates.


Labelling accuracy±3mm
Labelling speed20pcs/minute
Suitable label size (LxW)120 x 100mm
Weighing range3g-5000g
Weighing accuracy±0.5-1g
Table size buffer sectionL: 700mm, W: 300mm
Size of the product to be test L: 500mm, W: 280mm
Operation temperature0°C to 40°C
Voltage800w / 220v 50Hz
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