Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!


Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!


  1. This system is made of PLC programmable controller, safe and reliable!
  2. The filling head and the inlet and outlet pipelines adopt quick couplings, which are easy to disassemble and wash!
  3. When the filling target value is reached, the filling head automatically closes and rises!
  4. Two filling methods of net weight/gross weight are free to choose!
  5. The filling target volume can be set freely, 10 groups of formulas can be stored and recalled, which is convenient for filling of various weights!
  6. The operation is simple and easy to learn, one-key filling, manual operation mode, interlocking automatic control feeding system to ensure safety!
  7. Automatically distinguish the range of tare weight and the function of no filling without bucket!
  8. The unique design of drip cup and gas hood can effectively reduce the impact of dripping and exhaust gas on the environment!

Applicable field : –
Oils, paints, inks, curing agents, adhesives, organic solvents, cleaning agents, thinners, resins, polyurethanes, pesticides, medicines, lubricants, flavors, edible oils and various flowable liquids.

Voltage220v 50hz single phase
Use air source0.4-0.8Mpa
Filling range200L
Weighing platform sizeL600 * 500 * H1000 (mm)
Filling speed1-3 barrels/min
Filling accuracy1%
MaterialSteel wire hose
Weight200 kg
Dimension (LxWxH)3600 * 800 * 1400 mm
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