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Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!


The Homogenizer tank is made of centrifugal force generated by a high-speed, powerful rotating rotor, which breaks the material from the radial direction into the narrow and precise gap between the rotor and the rotor, and is subjected to centrifugal extrusion and impact to make the material dispersed and mixed, emulsification. The machine has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, easy operation, low noise and stable operation. Its biggest feature is that it does not grind the medium in the production process, and combines high-speed shearing, dispersing, homogenizing, mixing and crushing.

Machine descriptionUpper and lower standard elliptical heads, fully enclosed, inner thickness 4mm, Jacketed steam coil 304 heating ф

76*3mm, outer layer 2mm, material (SS304). Insulation material

Material polyurethane foam. Double mixing system

Mixing system-Upper mixing motor power 2.2kw/36rpm, frame agitator, mechanical base for kettle, dense seal
-Lower agitator motor power 7.5kw/1400rpm, homogenized milk chemical head, with external circulation cooling device
-Equipment configuration ф38 respirator,Control box, ф150 sight light mirror, ф400 manhole, ф38 feeding, ф38 discharge port, ф38 breathing port, ф38 spare port, etc
The discharge port400mm above the ground
Overall dimension1300 x 1300 x 2500mm
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