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Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!


Vacuum skin package machine in short known as VSP which is used vacuum sealing between the transparent vacuum film and the chassis. The skin packaging uses vacuum suction to shape the product paste on the cardboard (or bubble paper or other bottom plate). The transparent skin film is heated and softened and then covered on the product. It can keep the products natural color and fresh, own double effect of foods freshness and perfect visual display effect (strong three-dimensional sense).

With high barrier vacuum packaging film, the oxygen can be blocked, and the reproduction of aerobic bacteria can be suppressed under low temperature environment further, and the natural color of the product can be preserved and protected for longer. It can prevent the ice crystal from being produced when refrigerated and prevent the product surface from cracking due to frost burn.



  1. Rigid structure is made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant aluminum, it ensures the highest food hygiene standard
  2. Safety and health PP dies, simple design promotes easy maintenance
  3. Touch screen display with PLC control system provides a user-friendly interface, humanized design, error message
  4. Heavy duty design compact construction
  5. Very safe operations due to use multiple impact resistant aluminum heating panels with telfon coating.
  6. Double starting button and emergency stop safety ensured.
  7. Taiwan Airtac or Chinese top brand cylinder and solenoid valve and pneumatic joint.
  8. French Schneider breaker and AC contactor.
  9. SUS304 stainless steel bearings.

10.Different molds can be customized according to customer requirements.




Machine dimension860 x 1025 x 1150mm
Working chamber size710 x 510 x 60mm
Efficiency2-4 times/minutes
Power supply380v /50Hz
PowerTotal power about 7.5kw
Pump100 m³/h
Width of packaging film760mm
Equipment WeightAbout 260kg
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