Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!


Looking for Enquiry? Ask for a quotation now and let us serve you!


The CE Series Automatic Double Sides labeling machine is designed for two sides labeling on various shapes of bottles and containers, the machine applicable to the medicine, food, daily chemical and other industries in the round, square, flat bottles and other kinds of similar products.
The whole equipment is qualified with GMP requirements and made of SUS304 stainless steel and high-class aluminium alloy. The machine is adopt PLC control system combined with LCD touch screen , setting and operation is easy and clear. The labeling position of height can be adjusted as requirement, and the machine can be incorporated with a packing line or operated individually.

Widely used in food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, hardware, plastics, printing and other industries; Powerful and versatile (square bottles, flat bottles, oval bottles, shaped bottles, round bottles can be used as usual).

The following are standard model technical parameters, other special requirements and functions, can be tailor-made.


Labelling accurancy± 1mm ​​(excluding product, label error)
Labelling speed20~120 pieces/minute (related to product size)
Applicable product sizeFlat bottle/square bottle :
30 ≤ width ≤ 150mm, length ≥ 30mm, 150mm ≤ height ≤ 300mm
Machine size (LxWxH)2700 x 1500 x 1500mm
Applicable powet supply220v, 50/60Hz
Machine weight250kg
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